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The environmental impact of smart homes

With all the futuristic technology a smart home delivers, it’s easy to assume this would lead to an increase in energy costs and leaving a larger ecological footprint than a traditional home. We’ve found that often the opposite is true. Smart homes offer eco-friendly solutions in the form of lighting control, window treatments, climate control, and more that work to cut down your energy bill and improve your home’s environmental impact.

Smart Lighting and LEDs

A smart home always coordinates lighting control with the latest LED light bulbs, which are more durable and offer comparable quality to incandescent varieties. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) points out that LED light bulbs could “fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United States” for several reasons, including:

  • Energy Savings: LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.
  • Heat: LED light bulbs emit only a small amount of heat; comparatively, incandescent light bulbs release about 90% of their energy as heat.
  • Lifespan: LED light bulbs last up to 50 times longer than incandescent light bulbs.

As homeowners explore new ways to go green, the demand for LED lighting is expected to increase. Additionally, DoE states that widespread use of LED lighting could save approximately 348 TWh of electricity by 2027, resulting in total savings of more than $30 billion at current electricity prices. This is the equivalent annual electrical output of 44 large electric power plants (1,000 megawatts each)!

Tesla Powerwall

Lighting Control

Lutron Caséta and Lutron HomeWorks are two popular smart home lighting control solutions. Caséta offers a great starter option for smart lighting control, and you can buy it from various retailers. HomeWorks is considered the most advanced smart lighting control system on the market today.

Lutron Caséta lets you set your lights to turn on or off at specific times. It features a Sunset Tracker that controls your lights even when the season changes, enables you to use a single dimmer switch for multiple light bulbs, and works with more smart devices than any other lighting brand. Caséta also comes with a Smart Bridge, a device that ensures you can connect your home lighting to your Wi-Fi without disrupting your internet connection.

Lutron HomeWorks consists of smart keypads, dimmers, switches, and sensors — and can be linked to smart window treatments and temperature control systems. It offers advanced features like voice and audio controls, shade options, and remote monitoring.

Thanks to our longstanding partnership with Lutron, we can simplify and upgrade your home lighting control. We’ll analyze your home and determine the ideal LED light sources to accommodate your needs. We’ll then offer personalized recommendations to meet your lighting requirements. Finally, we’ll develop and execute a plan to deliver eco-friendly smart lighting — all of which is simple to control via a keypad, tablet, mobile phone, or voice.

Climate Control

In addition to smart home lighting, smart home climate control helps homeowners keep their residences at the ideal temperature — without wasting energy. Two popular options are the Google Nest and Savant Multistat.

The Google Nest smart home thermostat helps you set and maintain the exact temperature you want for any room in your home. It provides real energy savings and in many instances, it pays for itself within two years.

If you’re looking for something that’s part of a larger system, the Savant Multistat climate system provides climate control as part of Savant’s ecosystem. You can use the Savant Pro App to create set points for room temperature across your home and to turn off the heating or A/C when you’re away.

Window Treatments

Window treatments bring more than just convenience to your smart home. With the ability to integrate with your entire smart home ecosystem, automatic roller shades and blinds bring energy savings to your home through insulation and sunlight regulation. By automating your shades to have them open during the daytime, you can heat your home with the light of the sun. On warm summer days, your shades can be set to close during the periods where the sun is bringing unnecessary heat to your home.

The Lutron shades we install in many of our projects partner with the climate control devices in your smart home. This allows your shades or blinds to work in complete synchronicity with your home’s HVAC, bolstering the power of each.

Eco Smart Homes: The Next Generation

The next generation of eco-friendly smart home technology looks promising. Home batteries like the Tesla Powerwall use solar energy to meet a home’s energy needs over the course of a day. Meanwhile, the Racepoint micro-grid smart home energy system enables homeowners to generate electricity on their own. Other eco-friendly smart home technologies may soon become available that help homeowners optimize their energy savings as well.

TSP monitors the latest and greatest smart home technology and is leading home automation in Boston. We’re committed to providing eco-friendly smart home technology that you can enjoy both now and in the future.

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Q: Do smart homes save energy?
A: Yes, smart homes offer eco-friendly solutions that cut down energy bills and improve environmental impact through features like lighting control, climate control, and window treatments.

Q: How do LED light bulbs help save energy?
A: LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs, emit less heat, and last up to 50 times longer.

Q: What are the benefits of smart lighting control?
A: Smart lighting control allows you to set lights to turn on or off at specific times, use a single dimmer switch for multiple light bulbs, and control lights from anywhere using a keypad, tablet, mobile phone, or voice.

Q: Can smart thermostats save energy?
A: Yes, smart thermostats like the Google Nest and Savant Multistat help homeowners maintain the ideal temperature in their homes and provide real energy savings.


Transforming your home’s technology into a unique experience not only adds convenience but also offers eco-friendly solutions that can save energy and improve your home’s environmental impact. From smart lighting control with LED bulbs to climate control systems and automated window treatments, a smart home can help cut down your energy bill while providing a personalized and comfortable living environment. Stay informed about the latest advancements in smart home technology to create an eco-friendly and efficient home.