Tesla Recalls Over 360,000 Cars Due to Potential Crash Risk

Tesla recalls 362,000 vehicles over self-driving software

Tesla is issuing a recall for more than 360,000 vehicles due to concerns over a potential crash risk related to its Full Self-Driving Beta software. The announcement was made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Thursday. The recall will affect certain Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y vehicles.

According to the NHTSA, the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software may cause the vehicle to behave unsafely around intersections. This includes scenarios such as moving straight through an intersection while in a turn-only lane, entering a stop sign-controlled intersection without fully stopping, or entering an intersection during a yellow traffic signal without sufficient caution. The agency emphasizes that the FSD Beta software, if not used properly, increases the risk of a crash.

To address this issue, Tesla will provide a free software update to affected customers. However, the company has not yet commented on the recall.

This recall comes at a time when Tesla is already under scrutiny from federal and state officials regarding its self-driving technology and potential safety risks. Previous allegations have been made against Tesla by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, claiming deceptive advertising of its self-driving capabilities. Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal have also called for an investigation into Tesla’s advertising practices.

It is important to note that the FSD software does not make a car fully autonomous. Drivers must remain attentive and keep their hands on the steering wheel while using the Autopilot system. Autopilot offers navigation assistance and suggestions for lane changes, but the responsibility for safe operation still lies with the driver.

In the last year, Tesla vehicles operating under the Autopilot system were involved in 273 reported crashes, according to data released by the NHTSA. This accounts for nearly 70% of crashes involving advanced driver-assisted systems during that period.

Tesla recently increased the price of its Full Self-Driving software to $15,000. The company continues to face scrutiny and criticism regarding its marketing claims and the safety of its autonomous driving features.

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