The Essential Guide to Creating a Simple and Gentle Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

Do you struggle with redness, sensitivity, or irritation? Are you searching for low-tox products that won’t upset your skin? Look no further! In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step natural skincare routine specifically designed for sensitive skin. Whether you experience redness, rosacea, or general irritation, these tips and product recommendations will help you achieve a healthy and balanced complexion.

Understanding Sensitive Skin and the Need for a Gentle Routine

Before we dive into the skincare routine, let’s take a moment to understand sensitive skin and why it requires special care. People with sensitive skin often have a weakened skin barrier, making it more prone to reactions, redness, and irritation. To avoid exacerbating these issues, it’s crucial to adopt a skincare routine that focuses on simplicity and gentle ingredients.

Dos and Don’ts for Sensitive Skin

First, let’s go over some dos and don’ts when it comes to taking care of sensitive and irritated skin.


  • Consistency with a routine
  • Washing with lukewarm water
  • Introducing only one new product at a time
  • Using mild exfoliants and gentle actives sparingly
  • Consuming anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly foods
  • Being mindful of sun exposure, especially during peak hours
  • Patch testing products on your wrist or behind your ear before use


  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Sulfates such as SLS/SLES
  • Rinsing or showering with hot water
  • Over-exfoliating with harsh exfoliants
  • Essential oils and synthetic fragrances
  • Trying too many new products at once
  • Eating a lot of processed or inflammatory foods such as seed oils
  • Having an excessive routine with lots of products
  • Using highly concentrated actives at high doses

The Step-by-Step Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

Now, let’s delve into the details of the skincare routine designed specifically for sensitive skin. Remember, everyone’s skin is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. However, these products have been highly effective and have brought balance and happiness to many sensitive skin types.

Morning Cleanser: Raw Manuka Honey 🍯

To start your day, use raw manuka honey as a mild morning cleanser. Simply splash your face with lukewarm water and gently massage about a teaspoon of manuka honey onto your skin. Rinse it off, leaving your skin fresh and purified. Manuka honey possesses antibacterial properties and is known for its soothing and hydrating benefits.

Nighttime Oil Cleanser: Dayspring Cacao & Coffee Bean Oil Cleanser

In the evening, opt for a more powerful cleanser to remove makeup and impurities. The Dayspring Cacao & Coffee Bean Oil Cleanser is perfect for this purpose. Apply 2-3 pumps of the cleanser to dry skin, massage it in, and rinse clean with water. This oil cleanser effectively removes makeup while maintaining the skin barrier and microbiome.

Second Shower Cleanser: Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanser

If you shower at night and wear makeup, use the Dayspring cleanser to remove makeup first, then follow up with the Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanser as a second cleanse. If you’re not wearing makeup, you can skip the oil cleansing step and directly use the Aleavia cleanser. This gel cleanser, formulated with minimal ingredients and no essential oils or fragrances, gently removes impurities and balances the skin’s pH levels.

Hydration Boost: Earth Harbor Tidal Rose Toner OR Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum 💦

After cleansing, it’s essential to add hydration to your skin before applying moisturizer. You can choose either a toner or a water-based serum, depending on your preference. The Earth Harbor Tidal Rose Toner, made with rosewater, white tea, seaweed, and Persian lilac, soothes inflammation and evens out the skin tone. Alternatively, the Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum, containing hyaluronic acid and seaweed, provides intense hydration and nourishment. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Morning Moisturizer: Grass-Fed Beef Tallow Balm 🐮

For your morning moisturizer, consider using a grass-fed beef tallow balm. Tallow is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that promote skin health and provide adequate moisture. It’s especially gentle and nourishing for sensitive and irritated skin. The Sun & Moo Tallow Balms, available in different formulas, offer natural skincare options without essential oils.

Nighttime Moisturizer: Maya Chia Super Naked Face Oil

In the evening, treat your skin to the Maya Chia Super Naked Face Oil. This luxurious oil consists of organic chia oil and organic virgin plum oil, which are nutrient-dense and packed with antioxidants and fatty acids. It nourishes the skin while supporting its barrier function. Apply four to six drops of the oil, gently massage it into your skin, and enjoy the calming fragrance.

Eye Cream: Agent Nateur Ageless Eye Serum

To address the delicate eye area, consider the Agent Nateur Ageless Eye Serum. This serum, featuring cucumber extract, lavender water, and calendula oil, is specifically formulated to be soothing and comfortable for reactive or stressed skin. It helps blur and plump fine lines, promoting a youthful appearance.

Mineral Sunscreen: Erin’s Faces Peptide SPF30 Lotion ☀️

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a mineral sunscreen. Erin’s Faces Peptide SPF30 Lotion offers excellent protection using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Unlike some mineral sunscreens, this lotion feels silky and lightweight on the skin. It incorporates organic cucumber extract, blue passionflower, and organic aloe to soothe inflammation and provide a non-irritating SPF solution.

Incorporating Extra Skincare Practices

For additional benefits, you may consider incorporating red light therapy and weekly face masks into your skincare routine.

Red light therapy, known for its healing properties, can effectively address conditions such as rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation, and redness. By sitting exposed to the red light for ten minutes, you can support healthy skin and reduce inflammation.

As for face masks, raw manuka honey masks and the Agent Nateur Holi(bright) Resurface Glass Mask are excellent weekly treatments. The manuka honey mask, applied for an hour and rinsed off, provides hydration, anti-inflammatory properties, and bacterial control. The glass mask, left on for approximately 15 minutes, resurfaces the skin, clears out pores, and dissolves dead skin cells, leaving you with soft and smooth skin.


Q: Can I use these products if I have other skin concerns in addition to sensitivity?

A: Absolutely! These products are suitable for various skin concerns, including redness, rosacea, and irritation. However, if you have specific concerns or conditions, it’s always advisable to consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional.

Q: Can I expect immediate results after starting this skincare routine?

A: Skincare routines require patience and consistency. While some people may see improvements quickly, others may take longer. Stick to the routine diligently and give your skin time to adjust and heal.

Q: Can I customize this routine further to suit my specific needs?

A: Absolutely! Skincare is highly individualized, so feel free to adjust the routine according to your preferences and needs. However, remember to introduce new products slowly and patch test before full application.


Taking care of sensitive skin requires a gentle and mindful approach. By adopting a simple and effective skincare routine and selecting products formulated with soothing and nourishing ingredients, you can achieve a healthier and more balanced complexion. Remember to listen to your skin’s needs, be consistent with your routine, and practice self-care. If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to consult with a skincare professional. Cheers to achieving happy and radiant skin!

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