The best credit repair companies—and what they do well

How to choose a reputable credit repair company
How to choose a reputable credit repair company

But it’s essential to choose a company with a good track record to protect yourself from potential risk or even fraud. To help you find a reputable credit repair service, we’ve researched over a dozen companies, analyzing their services provided, pricing, transparency, time it takes to see results, and company reputation (see full methodology). Here are our top picks for the best credit repair companies available.

The best credit repair companies of April 2024

1. Best overall: Credit Saint

Our verdict

Credit Saint is a solid choice for those seeking credit repair assistance, and its tiered services make it suitable for many situations. Its customer service team is also accessible through many channels if you have questions or concerns. While Credit Saint isn’t the lowest-price service around, its industry reputation, array of features, high customer satisfaction, and 90-day money-back guarantee make it worth considering.

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2. Best for couples: Sky Blue Credit

Our verdict

Sky Blue Credit is our pick for couples interested in repairing their credit together. Unlike some companies that charge full prices for each individual, Sky Blue Credit offers a special discount for couples. This makes it a great option if you want to work as a team to better your financial situation in general or in advance of a home purchase.

3. Best for low initial work fees: The Credit People

Our verdict

The Credit People is worth considering if you need moderate assistance with your credit without all the bells and whistles of a service like Credit Saint.

It’s also a great choice if you have a limited budget and are seeking a credit repair service that offers low initial work fees. These fees can be costly, so the fact that The Credit People charges just $19 sets it apart from competitors. While this company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, it does let you cancel at any time, and you won’t be charged for that particular month of service.

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4. Most affordable: Credit Firm

Our verdict

While no credit repair company can truly guarantee results within a specified timeframe, Credit Firm says consumers may see results within 30 to 45 days (but should allow for 90 days for more meaningful changes). With its relatively quick average time to see results, couples discount, and unlimited services, Credit Firm can be a great choice for couples who are looking to get a loan or lower interest rates within a few months. Additionally, the company does not charge a setup fee like many of its competitors; consumers only pay the $49.99 monthly fee (or $89.99 for couples).

5. Best track record: Lexington Law

Our verdict

Due to its track record of success and almost 20 years in service, Lexington Law makes our list as one of the top credit repair companies. Its pricing is higher than many of the competitors so it would be wise to shop around before settling.

6. Best for additional features: The Credit Pros

Learn more at The Credit Pros

Our verdict

Those seeking additional money management features beyond just credit repair might find what they’re looking for with The Credit Pros. In addition to typical credit repair services like dispute letters and creditor interventions, users also get access to identity monitoring, a budgeting system, bill reminders, and a credit-builder loan with the top-tier account.

That said, The Credit Pros isn’t the cheapest option around, so it may not be the best choice if you’re on a tight budget and prioritizing affordability.

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What to know about credit repair companies

There’s not one specific menu of services or pricing model for credit repair companies. Instead, you’ll find that each offers different features, and while many companies charge a monthly fee, this isn’t true in all cases. For this reason, it’s essential to compare companies to find the best credit repair service for your situation.

Alternatively, you can also do most of what credit repair companies do independently. If you notice inaccuracies or incomplete information on your credit report, it’s possible to contact the three major credit bureaus or your creditors directly to resolve the issue. But for those with significant credit issues, working with a credit repair service could save you time and potential headaches.

How to choose a credit repair company

If a credit repair company sounds right for your situation, here’s what to compare as you research companies.

  • Transparency: Reputable companies will be upfront and clear about their pricing and services offered. Seek out companies that provide detailed information on their websites, and steer clear of those that aren’t transparent about their offerings.
  • Services and features: As mentioned, different companies offer varying services, including free initial consultations, dispute letters, credit repair, credit education, and access to credit reports among other services. Find one with services that best suit your situation.
  • Pricing: Pricing models also vary, often depending on the level of service you require. Look into pricing to find a plan that meets your needs and budget.
  • Customer service: You’ll want to compare each credit repair company’s customer service channels to ensure you can reach a representative if needed.
  • Company reputation: Review company websites and history, and look at company profiles on sites like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s compliant database, Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, and other consumer review sites. Doing so will provide some insight into whether a company is reputable and trustworthy.
  • Cancellation policy: Some credit repair services offer more flexible cancellation policies than others, and policy information is often available on company websites. Read over cancellation policies and look into any guarantees companies may offer. For instance, some provide a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see inaccuracies removed from your credit reports.

Credit repair legal controversies

The credit repair industry, as a whole, has checkered reputation. They are sometimes viewed as predatory because the services they provide can be done by any individual with credit report inaccuracies. Some consumers with complaints were validated when Lexington Law and entered into $2.7 billion settlement agreement with CFPB in 2023. The CFPB accused the two companies of taking illegal advance fees from their clients through telemarketing, which violates federal law.

When considering hiring a credit repair company to assist in disputing inaccuracies in your report, be sure that the company is being transparent and upfront with their fees, which should be displayed clearly on their website.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the best credit repair company?

The best credit repair company for you will depend on your needs and budget. Each company offers an array of different services and pricing models, so comparing options can help you find a company that suits your situation. Some top companies include Credit Saint, The Credit People, The Credit Pros, Sky Blue, and Lexington Law.

Can you really pay someone to fix your credit?

Yes, it’s possible to pay a credit repair company to help dispute inaccurate or incomplete information on your credit reports. Getting this information removed could help improve your credit. That said, credit repair companies don’t guarantee they’ll fix your credit.

What’s the fastest way to fix your credit?

Several actions could help you fix your credit, including contacting the credit bureaus to get inaccurate or incomplete information removed from your credit reports, paying down credit card debt, making on-time payments, increasing your credit limits, and limiting the number of new accounts you open.

Our methodology

To develop our list of the best credit repair companies, we researched and analyzed over a dozen companies in the market. In our analysis, we considered factors like transparency, pricing, services provided, and company reputation. We also weighed other things like overall customer experience, customer satisfaction, and whether companies had any recent regulatory action taken against them.

Average time to see results (53%) – When it comes to repairing credit, time is money. The sooner your credit score improves, the sooner you can get better rates on loans and credit cards.

Consumer Reviews (22%) – What actual consumers have to say about their experience with a credit repair agency was taken into account. We looked at a number of consumer review sites — like TrustPilot and Google Reviews — to compile the score.

Costs (15%) – Many credit repair companies have developed a poor reputation of charging high fees while delivering little-to-no results. We ranked them based on fees including monthly rates, setup fees, money back guarantees, and available discounts.

Ratings (10%) – We ranked each company based on how well they are rated by Better Business Bureau and other independent rating agencies.