31 Fun and Creative Arts and Crafts for Kids to Make at Home

Crafts and activities for kids

Break out your scissors, glue sticks, and googly eyes! We have compiled a list of 31 arts and crafts for kids to make at home with just a little help from you. These fun and creative activities will keep your kids engaged and entertained while fostering their creativity and fine motor skills.

1. Pompom Ice Pops

Make these fuzzy and fun pompom ice pops for a colorful play-pretend treat! All you need are some pom-poms and popsicle sticks.

2. Homemade Clay

Make your own clay with four simple ingredients. It’s easy and fun! Your kids can create all sorts of shapes and sculptures with their homemade clay.

3. Dinosaur Feet

Let your little ones be the first to roam the earth or the house in the morning, wearing these three-toed dinosaur feet! They can stomp around and let their imagination run wild.

4. Flower Pens

Take an ordinary pen and transform it into something beautiful—a bouquet of flowers! Your kids can use their flower pens for drawing, writing, or even as a gift for someone special.

5. Ooey Gluey Suncatchers

Who knew you could make such cool crafts for kids with just glue and paint! Create colorful suncatchers that will brighten up any window in your home.

6. Mail a Hug

Download these free printable patterns so your little one can mail a hug to someone special. It’s a thoughtful and heartwarming craft that will put a smile on someone’s face.

7. Goofy Robots

Let your kids sharpen their fine motor skills by transforming rectangular boxes into rootin’-tootin’ robots. They can use their imagination to give each robot a unique personality.

8. Homemade Finger Paint

Mix up a batch of finger paint with ingredients you already have at home. Let your kids explore their artistic side and create colorful masterpieces with their fingers.

9. Water Microscope

Get crafty and build a DIY microscope out of recycled materials. Your kids can explore the microscopic world and learn about science in a fun and interactive way.

10. Create a Castle

Use this free printable to create your own desktop castle, complete with two dragon friends. Your kids can decorate and customize their castle to make it truly their own.

11. Cardboard Tube Telescope

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! This play-pretend telescope will help your kids look at things in a whole new way. They can embark on imaginary adventures and explore the world around them.

12. Recycled Guitar

Upcycle an empty shoebox and watch your little ones explore making music with their very own homemade guitar. Encourage them to create their own songs and put on a mini concert.

13. Paint with Bubbles

Take art time outside and make bubble-paint masterpieces. Your kids can blow bubbles and create unique patterns and designs on paper. It’s a fun and messy activity that will result in beautiful artwork.

14. Paper Plate Spin Art

Spinning a plate to make art? Yes! It’s one of the easiest and most fun crafts for kids. Your kids can create vibrant and abstract designs by spinning paint-covered plates.

15. Easy Sidewalk Paint

When paper isn’t big enough for your little artist, move to the sidewalk. Let your kids unleash their creativity and paint colorful masterpieces on the pavement.

16. Decorate a Time Capsule

Can’t save time in a bottle? The next best thing is to save some of your family’s memories today to enjoy in the future. Help your kids create a time capsule and fill it with pictures, letters, and special mementos.

17. String Puppet Plane

Help your kid take off with this plane marionette craft. They can make their own puppet plane and have fun flying it around the house.

18. Make Your Own Block Prints

These easy-to-make prints produce a beautiful, finished product. Your kids can create unique designs and experiment with different colors to make stunning block prints.

19. Colorful Butterflies

When children make little butterflies, it’s a fine-motor-skills celebration, packaged as pretty play. Let your kids create colorful butterflies using various materials like paper, pipe cleaners, and markers.

20. Toy Camera

This toy camera is perfect for little ones who are not quite ready for the real thing. Your kids can decorate their own camera and use it to capture imaginary moments.

21. Paper Filter Flowers

Encourage your kids to experiment with different combinations of colors in this classic craft. They can make beautiful paper flowers using coffee filters and markers.

22. Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Who knew that making chalk was so easy? Your kids can create their own sidewalk chalk and have fun drawing and coloring on the sidewalk.

23. Monster Puppets

Maybe the monster under your child’s bed is just an old sock waiting to become a star in monster theater! Let your kids create their own monster puppets and put on a puppet show.

24. Beachy Creature Feet

Make funky flip-flops to match your favorite beach creature. Your kids can decorate and personalize their flip-flops using shells, beads, and other beach-themed materials.

25. Green Gobbler

Your kids will learn about joints and hinges by putting together this make-it-yourself green gobbler craft. It’s a fun way to combine creativity and engineering.

26. DIY Building Blocks

These interlocking cards are simple to craft and have lots of construction possibilities. Your kids can build and create their own structures using these DIY building blocks.

27. Bubbles and Bubble Wands

Make a soapy mix and wands from items you have around the house, then head outside and blow! Your kids can have hours of fun blowing bubbles and experimenting with different wand shapes.

28. Make a Mailbox

Use this mailbox to send your kids reminders and cheerful messages. They can decorate their own mailbox and use it to send letters and notes to family members.

29. Paper Bag Village

Download our free printable pages and tape them to bags to build a tiny town your little ones can call their own. Your kids can create their own paper bag village and play with it for hours.

30. Paint Up a Storm

Here is a fun way for kids to ride out a rainy or gloomy day: let your little artists paint up a storm! They can use different painting techniques and colors to create their own stormy masterpiece.

31. Pool-Noodle Village

What kind of village do the kids want to create? Just use your noodle! Let your kids use pool noodles and other craft materials to build their own village and let their imagination run wild.

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Q: Are these crafts suitable for kids of all ages?
A: Yes, most of these crafts are designed for kids of all ages. However, some activities may require adult supervision for younger children.

Q: Do I need to buy expensive materials for these crafts?
A: No, most of the materials needed for these crafts can be found at home or are easily accessible and affordable.

Q: Can these crafts be done with a group of kids?
A: Absolutely! These crafts are great for group activities and can be a fun way to keep kids entertained during playdates or parties.


Engaging in arts and crafts activities is not only a great way to keep your kids entertained but also a way to foster their creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. These 31 arts and crafts ideas provide a wide range of options for your kids to explore and create. So, gather your supplies, get ready to have some fun, and let the creativity flow!