The Best Cloud Computing Certifications in 2024

Cloud computing certifications

2024 is the perfect time to soar into the cloud! If you’re looking to enter the world of cloud computing, earning one of the best cloud computing certifications can be a game-changer. Not only does cloud computing offer excellent financial rewards, but it also provides job security in this increasingly digital age.

The demand for cloud computing professionals has skyrocketed, thanks to the acceleration of digital transformation caused by the pandemic. According to Simplilearn, companies are striving to maximize the value derived from cloud-based technologies, leading to a high demand for cloud skills.

To land a cloud computing job, employers are seeking IT professionals with expert-level skills in various areas, including cloud architecture, design, and security, as well as automation, virtualization, big data, and data science.

Getting the right cloud certification is the first step towards acquiring these skills and starting a promising career in cloud computing.

The Best Cloud Computing Certifications of 2024

There are numerous cloud computing certifications that can boost your career and help you develop essential cloud skills. Let’s explore some of the top certifications:

CompTIA Cloud+

DataCamp lists CompTIA Cloud+ as one of the top cloud certifications for 2024. This vendor-neutral certification provides a broad understanding of cloud concepts applicable across multiple platforms, making it an excellent foundation for beginners.

The domains covered in the CompTIA Cloud+ certification include cloud architecture and design, security, deployment, operations and support, and troubleshooting. It places a strong emphasis on information security within the cloud, ensuring that certified professionals have the practical experience to secure cloud environments regardless of the vendor solution.

While there are no official prerequisites, candidates are recommended to have two to three years of experience in system administration or networking. Pursuing certifications like CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Server+ beforehand can increase your chances of success.

Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Another top cloud computing certification is the Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer. This certification is ideal for IT professionals looking to step into a cloud DevOps engineer role. It equips technicians with the skills to develop operations that promote swift delivery speed and reliable service.

Professionals who earn this certification are adept at building software delivery pipelines, managing incidents, and deploying and monitoring services. If you aspire to work within the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a cloud engineer, this specialized certification is an excellent choice.

The Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification exam covers various topics, including service performance optimization, service-monitoring strategies, and site reliability engineering principles.

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) is a global credential that supports cloud usage within enterprises and organizations. It ensures that technicians stay up-to-date with the latest cloud computing security and information security practices.

Candidates for the CCSP certification must have a minimum of five years of experience in IT, with cumulative, paid, full-time work. Holding the CISSP certification by (ISC2) exempts candidates from the experience requirement.

The CCSP certification exam tests candidates on their knowledge of cloud design, data, security, compliance, and risk.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

For aspiring Microsoft cloud administrators, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification is an excellent choice. This certification recognizes professionals who have mastered the Azure fundamentals required to implement, monitor, and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions.

The Azure Administrator Associate certification exam covers services related to computing, storage, networking, and security. Candidates should have at least six months of on-the-job experience in these areas, making it a suitable option for beginners looking to work with Microsoft equipment.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (CSAA)

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (CSAA) is a premier certification for professionals with AWS cloud experience. It is designed for those already working in solutions architect roles and requires at least one year of experience designing distributed systems for AWS.

Holders of this certification are qualified to build and deploy secure applications on AWS technologies, define cloud solutions based on customer requirements, and manage SaaS applications.

While there are no official prerequisites for the CSAA, candidates are recommended to have at least two years of hands-on experience working in the AWS cloud. AWS Certified Developer is another AWS certification that may complement this certification.

Which Cloud Certification Pays the Most?

One of the primary reasons professionals choose a career in cloud computing is the excellent pay. Here are the average base salaries for some of the top cloud certifications:

  • CompTIA Cloud+: Approximately $85,000 per annum in the United States
  • Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer: $128,000 according to Glassdoor
  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP): $124,000 based on PayScale
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate: $88,000 according to ZipRecruiter
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: $183,000 as reported by Glassdoor

These figures represent the starting points for professionals holding these certifications, and the actual salaries can vary based on factors such as location, bonuses, and negotiation.

While earning a high income is attractive, professionals should also consider the cloud certification that will advance their career and provide a strong foundation of cloud skills. Vendor-neutral certifications like CompTIA Cloud+ can offer versatility and complement vendor-specific certifications, potentially leading to higher salaries.

Which Cloud Computing Certification Should Beginners Start With?

For beginners interested in cloud concepts, starting with a vendor-neutral cloud certification like CompTIA Cloud+ is recommended. Security Degree Hub suggests that earning CompTIA Cloud+ first, followed by a vendor-specific certification, can help establish a strong foundation in the field. Additionally, gaining hands-on IT experience is crucial for beginners.

Vendor-specific certifications or programs without prerequisites can be overwhelming for beginners. Building a comprehensive skill set that covers various cloud aspects is essential, as it instills confidence and facilitates the learning of vendor-specific concepts.

Why CompTIA Cloud+ is the Best Cloud Computing Certification for You

Considered one of the best cloud computing certifications by staffing firms, colleges, and IT publications, CompTIA Cloud+ stands out for its vendor-neutral nature. It is recognized as a performance-based certification that covers more than a specific vendor or function.

Earning CompTIA Cloud+ opens up opportunities for expert-level IT roles, such as security administrators, cloud systems administrators, directors, network engineers, network security analysts, and network technicians, according to Global Knowledge.

The certification equips professionals with the skills needed to realize the return on investment of cloud infrastructure services.

To support certification candidates, CompTIA provides comprehensive training resources, including self-paced online courses, interactive labs, exam preparation, and study guides. Additionally, they offer voucher discounts and financing options to assist with certification costs.

Furthermore, all CompTIA certification exams are available online, ensuring flexibility in taking exams. Certified professionals can promote their achievements with digital badges, enhancing their job prospects.

CompTIA is committed to helping individuals earn the best cloud computing certification for their career advancement, making it an ideal choice for those ready to embark on a cloud computing journey.

If you’re interested in starting your cloud computing career, download the exam objectives for the new CompTIA Cloud+ certification and begin your preparation journey.

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