11 Unique Makeup Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

Makeup trends for fall 2024

Thanks to social media, makeup trends tend to cycle in and out quickly these days. However, there is still freshness about the New Year that inspires many to try something different and ignites new trends, and in 2024, we’ll see a mix of viral sensations and classic beauty.

As the new year rolls in, so do the trends. This time, we’re in store for anything from precisely-placed contour backed by science to something as simple as just a really good red lip. At times, the new and the classic come together, so we can combine timeless styles with modern-day techniques and innovative gadgets to get the perfect look.

If you’re in the market to give your beauty routine a little update, look no further. While the possibilities of what will trend throughout the year are endless, we’ve compiled at least 11 makeup trends that we expect to see everywhere in 2024 based on red carpet appearances, internet fads, as well as fashion and beauty trends. Scroll on to find your new look.

1. Frosty Face

In 2022 and 2023, the frosty eyeshadow look made waves thanks to the Y2K resurgence. In 2024, we’re taking it up a notch. Now, expect the frosty, dewy look to extend down to the cheekbones, nose, and even collarbones. You may have already spotted this style gaining popularity with the mermaidcore trend and Hailey Bieber’s “sugar plum” look, so get ready to see even more of it and recreate it yourself. Take some inspo from Tina Snow herself and just reach for a cool-toned highlighter, and do get carried away.

2. Something Blue

According to Pinterest, blue makeup is expected to continue to trend well into 2024. “Blue eyeshadow aesthetic” saw a 65 percent increase in searches, while aqua makeup look saw a 100 percent increase. Since mermaidcore trended in the summer of 2023, it only makes sense that we’re carrying on one of its main components in 2024. Get ready to have some blue going on!

3. Douyin Makeup

Douyin makeup continues to take over FYPs since becoming one of Google’s top trending beauty-related searches in 2023. Douyin-inspired makeup techniques are now starting to translate off-screen and onto red carpets, runways, and more. To join in on this trend, just incorporate doll-like blush, clustered eyelashes, and plenty of sparkles into your makeup routine.

4. Strawberry Makeup

Minimalism had its moment, but now we’re stepping it up a bit. Strawberry makeup is the perfect compromise. Just add a sheer strawberry-hued blush and lip to your simple concealer and mascara routine, and you’re done! If you’re really ready to go above and beyond, you can add freckles to the mix, too! Strawberry makeup has already been approved by celebrities like Hailey Bieber as well as Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK, so it’s no surprise that it was one of Google’s top trending makeup-related searches in 2023.

5. Red Lips

Red lips will always be a classic, and lately, the look has been taking over our feeds as celebrities, models, and influencers have been spotted wearing them. It works perfectly with minimalist eye makeup but also a bold, smokey eye. That’s why it’s a classic, after all.

6. Two-Tone Lips

We’ve always put different colors on our eyelids, so why not our lips? As demonstrated by stars like Cardi B, who wore a red gloss outlined by a much darker lip pencil, choosing two starkly contrasting colors for the lips can add an extra element to your makeup look. It’s certainly catching people’s attention because dark lip liner was one of Google’s top trending makeup searches in 2023. To try this look yourself, just opt for a darker outline or go to the next level by using different shades on your top and bottom lips. Maybe you’ll even go all out and replicate Rosalía’s five-step lip routine.

7. Walking Golden Hour

At this point, we all know sunset is the prime time for selfie-taking. But why wait when you can recreate? Take a note from Sabrina Carpenter and opt for hues that light up your face like a sunny afternoon all day long.

8. Barely-There Base

In 2023, cloud skin took over. We’re expecting to see elements of the style carry through in 2024 but in a more subtle way. We’re paring back just a bit and opting for effortless yet glamorous looks, so achieving a base that looks like you barely tried is key. Choosing a minimalistic foundation and concealer is the first step to achieving that, and using a makeup spatula will give you the perfect finish.

9. Precise Contour

Over the years, we’ve loved a good contour hack. However, at times, we’ve all flown too close to the sun — in this case, placed our contour too high on our face. But, thanks to TikTok’s makeup gurus and dermatologists, we learned the best ways to apply it according to our face shape in 2023, so we’re ready to start 2024 with precisely placed contour.

10. Nostalgic Makeup

Speaking of precise contour, get ready for a few more blasts from the past. By now, we’re all well aware of the fact that trends from the 1990s and 2000s have made a comeback. However, our nostalgia kick isn’t quite over yet! We’re starting to gravitate towards the 2010s now too. In 2023, we saw the resurgence of heavy contour, matte foundation, and latte makeup (which was another one of Google’s top trending searches). We’re expecting these styles to maintain popularity in 2024, and we’re anticipating some new resurgences. Perhaps thick eyeliner?

11. Glossy Lips

Some things will remain in the 2010s, though. Apologies to the matte lip enthusiasts, but it seems glossy lips will continue their reign. In 2023, we saw celebs, influencers, and makeup artists double down on their affinity for shiny lips — to the point where a bunny tongue went viral because it looked like the perfect shade of gloss. And according to the numbers, Gen Z is loving it, so we’re expecting lip gloss to be poppin’ for at least a little bit longer.


Q: What are the makeup trends for 2024?
A: The makeup trends for 2024 include the frosty face, something blue, Douyin makeup, strawberry makeup, red lips, two-tone lips, walking golden hour, barely-there base, precise contour, nostalgic makeup, and glossy lips.


As we enter 2024, the world of makeup is set to showcase a variety of unique trends. From the frosty face to the resurgence of nostalgic makeup, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or want to experiment with bold colors, these trends provide endless opportunities to express your personal style. With inspiration from celebrities, influencers, and social media, the makeup trends of 2024 are sure to make a statement. So go ahead, embrace the new year, and try out these exciting trends for yourself!