How to Make Your Used Car Ad Stand Out

When it comes to selling your used car, standing out from the competition is key. But how exactly can you make your ad more attractive to potential buyers? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to write a lengthy description. Instead, focus on presenting key details and being transparent. This will help you build trust with buyers and ultimately sell your car faster. In this article, we will provide you with a template to effectively highlight both the positive and negative aspects of your used car, helping you create an ad that catches the eye of potential buyers.

Highlights and Lowlights

One important aspect to include in your ad is any modifications made to your car. If your vehicle has undergone significant modifications, it’s essential to list them all. Highly modified cars cater to a specific market of automotive enthusiasts, and they will want to see all the details of what has been changed. By providing this information, you’ll be able to attract the right buyers who appreciate the customization done to your car.

Should You Include Your VIN Number?

Yes, including your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in your ad is highly recommended. Contrary to some concerns, sharing your VIN is safe as it cannot be used to access any personal information about you. The VIN is printed on the outside of your car and can help potential buyers gather information about your vehicle without having to contact you directly. This saves everyone time and energy and increases the chances of a successful sale. If you’re unsure where to find your VIN, there are several places you can check, such as the driver’s side door jamb, the dashboard, or the vehicle registration documents.

Deter Scammers

Unfortunately, selling a car can attract scammers. To protect yourself, it’s important to be aware of the two main categories of scams: phishing scams and payment scams. Phishing scams involve scammers trying to obtain your login credentials, often by directing you to a fake website. These scams can be challenging to spot, so it’s crucial to exercise caution when a buyer sends you a link to another website. Limiting the contact information you provide can help deter these scammers.

Payment scams are more serious and can involve counterfeit cash, fake cashier’s checks, or reversed online payments. To deter scammers, consider using a secure payment method such as KeySavvy. By mentioning in your ad that you accept payment through KeySavvy, potential scammers may be less likely to contact you, as they know their fraudulent activities will be more difficult to carry out with a secure payment system in place.

Selling a Financed Car? Let Buyers Know.

If you still have a loan on your car, it’s crucial to disclose this information in your ad. Buyers need to know that you cannot transfer ownership until the loan is paid off. By mentioning this upfront and explaining how you plan to transfer ownership, you establish transparency and avoid potential misunderstandings. If you accept payment through KeySavvy, the process becomes even easier, as KeySavvy will work with your lender to pay off the loan as part of the transaction. If you’re unsure about the best options for selling a car with an outstanding loan, our tool can help you make an informed decision.

List Preferred Payment Methods

To streamline the process and ensure buyers come prepared, make sure to mention your preferred payment methods in your ad. Whether you accept cash, cashier’s checks, or prefer to use KeySavvy, clearly stating your preferences will set the right expectations for potential buyers. If you accept payment through KeySavvy, consider including your KeySavvy link in the ad, allowing buyers to be ready to pay when you meet. If you choose to accept cash or a cashier’s check, be sure to educate yourself on how to safely handle these forms of payment to avoid fraud and scams.

By following these tips and using our template, you can create a used car ad that stands out from the crowd. Remember, transparency, accurate information, and providing buyers with the necessary details are crucial to building trust and attracting potential buyers. Good luck with your car sale!


Q: Should I include my contact information in the ad?

A: While it’s necessary to provide some contact information for potential buyers to reach you, be cautious about sharing too much personal information. Limiting the contact information you provide can help deter scammers.

Q: Where can I find my VIN number?

A: Your VIN number can be found in several places, such as the driver’s side door jamb, the dashboard, or the vehicle registration documents. Make sure to include your VIN in your ad to help potential buyers gather information about your car.

Q: What payment methods should I accept?

A: It’s essential to clearly state your preferred payment methods in your ad. Whether you accept cash, cashier’s checks, or prefer to use a secure payment platform like KeySavvy, setting the right expectations for buyers will make the process smoother for everyone involved.


Selling a used car can be an overwhelming process, but with the right approach, you can make your ad stand out and attract potential buyers. Remember to be transparent, provide key details, and include your contact information in a controlled manner. By following our tips and using our template, you’ll be well on your way to a successful car sale. Happy selling!

Image Source: Pixabay