25 Ways on How to Style Naturally Curly Hair Without Heat Styling Tools

What is the best way to Style and treat curly hair? How can you achieve curls without heat, hair tongs or hot rollers? Here are my top curly hair tips and hacks for helping natural curls and waves spring back to life. Knowing How to style naturally curly hair can be easy when you know how. But many people do not know how to treat natural curls and some people want to promote a natural wave but use the wrong products. These top 25 Ways on how to style Naturally Curly Hair Without Heat Styling Tools should help you learn how to style your hair.

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25 curly girl hair hacks! on how to style Naturally Curly Hair

Use these top stylng tips to treat naturally curly or wavy hair. These tips are also steps of the curly girl method and really help you to manage your curls at home. What steps should I do for making my hair perfectly curly? Read these tips on styling your natural curls and wo9rk your way through them;

Tip 1 Try the curly girl method.

Try the curly girl method. What is the curly girl method? The curly girl method is a way of learning how to style Natural Curly Hair without Heat Styling Tools, using products that do not damage the hair and promote a natural curl. The Curly Girl Method was devised by Lorraine Massey who wrote the The curly girl handbook. This guide outlines Lorraine Massey ideas on caring for your naturally curly hair using these tips below.

Tip 2 Stop using silicone on your curls.

Stop using silicone. Silicone is basically a rubber or a plastic it coats the hair giving it a false shine which in effect straightens the hair without letting any moisture in. Removing silicone products will enable your hair to absorb moisturising nutrients and conditioner giving you back your bounce and shine and promoting curl.

Tip 3 Stop using sulphate on your hair.

Cut products that contain sulphate. Sulphate is a harsh surfactant and is found in shampoos. Sulphate is a harsh abrasive when used on delicate curls and has a drying effect on the hair.

Tip 4 Stop using wax’s or parabens

Stop using wax’s or parabens that coat the hair and cause a barrier stopping moisture from getting in.

Tip 5 do not brush dry hair

Never brush curly hair when it’s dry this will cause breakage which then in turn causes frizz. However hair can stretch more when wet too so care should be taken when brushing when wet too.

Tip 6 Use leave in conditioner

Leave in conditioner will help to tame your frizzy hair and help define your curls giving your hair much needed all day moisture

Tip 7 Try co-washing.

Instead of washing your hair with harsh shampoo cleanse your hair with conditioner alone. Try Co-washing as a method of washing solely with conditioner to release dirt particles.

Tip 8 Use gel to create a cast.

Help your hair form a curl and stay put by using a gel or a curly girl approved mouse after washing and before drying your hair. After washing your hair you can apply some gel. When your hair drys the gel will harden encapsulating the curl and creating a cast. This cast will hold the hair in its curl to last longer.

Tip 9 Try a rice water rinse.

Rice is full of protein and a chemical ingredient called Inositol which helps to seal the cuticle. Try using a Rice water rinse on curly hair to close the cuticle and encourage hair growth. This creates a smooth cuticle thus strengthening and treating your natural curly hair.

Tip 10 Use a taming cream.

Using a curl taming cream on curly hair to help beat frizz. Curl creams will help your naturally curly hair by de frizzing and helping it to stay smooth.

See my post on Curly girl drugstore products to help you find the right ones for you.

Tip 11 Use a diffuser hairdryer to dry curly hair

Learn how to how to style Natural Curly Hair by using a hairdryer with a diffuser to dry your hair slowly with no frizz. Using a diffuser on curly hair stops hair from blowing around and helps the curls to form and stay in place.

Tip; turn the hairdryer off in between moving to stop it from blowing your hair.

Tip 12 Do not use a normal towel

Use a micro fibre towel or a t-shirt on naturally curly or wavy hair to gently scrunch out access water. A normal towel acts like velcro and creates more frizz.

Tip; a microfibre towel with a button stays on better.

Tip 13 Protect your hair at night

Protect your curly hair at night by tying your hair up in a pineapple on top of your head with a satin scrunchy . You can also use a satin pillowcase which has less friction than cotton this will help stop waking up with a frizzy mess.

Tip 14 Brush curly hair when wet

Use a denman brush or wet brush when your hair is wet with conditioner to smooth hair and clump hair in to bigger curls. By using a brush designed for wet hair you will be able to smooth curls without causing unnecessary damage.

Tip 15 Use a deep conditioning treatment.

Use a Deep conditioning treatment to hydrate your curls. Condition your natural waves and curls once a week to moisturise your hair. Leave the deep conditioning treatment on and keep it warm under a shower cap. You can also use masks that contain protein, it is important your hair has a good balance of protein and moisture.

Tip 16 Get a hair cut.

Get a hair cut to keep your curls in tip top condition. Cutting off dry ends regularly will help curls spring back to life and promote curls. If you have straight ends that are damages the best way to help your curls bounce back to life is by getting a curly hair cut.

Tip 17 Use less hair styling product

Less is more! do not overload your curly hair with product it can weigh it down. Some products can cause build up even if they are natural. Natural products such as coconut oil and heavy butters can weigh down the hair which would make it straighter.

Tip 18 try a Aloe vera gel to defrizz your hair

Try using aloe Vera gel to hydrate your curls. Once your hair is dry try using aloe vera gel or or even Lube to de frizz and add shine. Both are water based and kind to the hair.

Tip 19 Don’t rinse out all of the conditioner

Leave in some of your regular conditioner for added moisture and zero frizz natural on curls.

Tip 20 Refresh your curls instead of washing

Don’t wash your hair too much! Try to go longer in-between washes or co-wash with conditioner. Refresh your hair with a water spray with some conditioner in it and smooth your curls down again in between washes.

Tip 21 Air dry your hair

Try air drying your natural curls after applying curly girl approved products in stead of using a hairdryer. Even better try using some Vegan curly girl method products on your hair too. Air drying your hair can help with frizz as it does not blow all of the hair around.

Tip 22 Learn your hair type

Get to know your one hair type. Is your hair thick? thin? porous and dry? or shiny and healthy? Thick porous hair will probably need more conditioner and different products than fine shiny non porous hair. Fine hair will be weighed down by heavy conditioners an may not curl as well.

Tip 23 Try mixing your products

Try your own custom curly girl product blend. Gently blend your favourite taming cream with your favourite styling gel on the back of your hand. If they go lumpy they are not compatible, if they are smooth try using your curly girl approved products together to create the perfect curly girl styling product. Try different products that will promote hold and help stop frizz.

Tip 24 Learn to pin curl

Do you have stray curls that that never curl right? Pin curl any stray straight bits with a pin curl pin and let dry naturally. Curl a strand of hair around your fingers and pin in to place in till it is dry you will be left with a perfectly curled ringlet.

Tip 25 comb from bottom to top.

When combing out curly knots in the shower start from the bottom and work your way up. Us a wide tooth comb or a wet brush with conditioner work from the bottom to the top gently so as not to further knot the hair.

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