Mastering Global Employment Laws with Deel: Startups Guide

Employment law for startups

Starting a new business and expanding it globally is an exciting venture. However, the complexities of international employment laws can pose significant challenges for entrepreneurs. Navigating through these regulations alone can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s where Deel comes in. With its innovative hiring methods, Deel empowers startups to become masters of global hiring. In this article, we will explore three steps to help you navigate international employment laws.

Step One: Generate Localized Contracts with Deel’s Contract Workflow

One of the most critical steps in mastering international employment laws is creating employment contracts for new hires. These contracts are legal requirements in many countries and lay out the terms and conditions of employment. Creating contracts from scratch can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with multiple countries.

Startups can either conduct their own country-specific research to include the necessary employment requirements or use templates. However, templates can be challenging to customize and may require constant updates and vetting by legal experts. Additionally, managing and updating contracts becomes a significant workload for the human resources team.

Alternatively, startups can use the Deel platform’s contract workflow to create localized employment contracts. The intuitive platform guides users through each aspect of the contract, providing insights and suggestions based on country requirements. All contracts created on Deel are vetted by local legal experts and regularly updated to ensure compliance.

The Deel platform offers several beneficial features:

  • Compensation rates: The platform helps users determine appropriate compensation rates based on the employee’s job title, seniority level, and job duties. It also provides market rate insights to ensure competitive wages.
  • Contract type: Deel helps users set the appropriate contract term (indefinite or definite) and includes necessary probation periods.
  • Start date: The platform advises on the earliest possible contract start date, considering regulatory requirements and onboarding time.
  • Work hours per week: Users can specify work hours per week based on employment type (full-time or part-time), ensuring compliance with hour laws.
  • Time off allowances: Deel allows users to select standard or customized time off allowances, following local best practices.
  • Benefits and perks: The platform provides access to benefits relevant to the employee’s country, offering exclusive discounts, rewards, and perks through partnerships with top benefits providers.
  • Equity compensation: Users have the option to include equity incentives in contracts, with guidance on the best type of equity and handling of taxable events.
  • Mandatory documentation: Deel ensures the procurement of legal documentation required for hiring, such as proof of work eligibility and agreements for intellectual property, confidentiality, non-compete, and data privacy.
  • Visa and immigration support: If an employee requires visa or immigration support, Deel’s team assists with the necessary processes according to country requirements.

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Q: Can Deel help startups navigate international employment laws?
A: Yes, Deel provides a platform that guides startups through the complexities of international employment laws, helping them create localized employment contracts and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Q: How does Deel determine compensation rates for employees?
A: Deel’s platform considers the employee’s job title, seniority level, and job duties to provide guidance on appropriate compensation rates. It also offers market rate insights based on entered information.

Q: Can Deel assist with visa and immigration support?
A: Yes, Deel’s team can help with visa and immigration processes according to country requirements, streamlining the hiring process for startups.


Expanding a startup globally can be a fruitful endeavor, but it comes with the challenge of navigating international employment laws. Deel simplifies the process by providing startups with an intuitive platform for creating localized employment contracts. By leveraging Deel’s expertise and guidance, startups can ensure compliance and focus on building their business in new markets.

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